Photos that make you think. ©NTordai


Hungarian Cattle

More Budapest

Budapest Streets

As if staged.

Eger Steeples

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Eger, Hungary. #hungary #eger #churches #steeples #gameoftones

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Hungarian farm yard.

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Poultry. #chickens #One_shot_ #visualsoflife #farmlife

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Chickens and such.

Light at the End of the Tunnel – Budapest

Light at the end. #budapest #hungary #easterneurope #exploretocreate #streets #hiddenplaces

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Gateways at Castle Hill Budapest


Rooftops of Budapest


In a Hungarian village.


Tree-lined lane.


Somewhere in Hungary.

River Grass

IMG_3548-river grass-awesome

Gyula, Hungary.

Building up or falling apart? 

Somewhere in Budapest. 

Streets of Szentendre 


Pulli Dog


Cattle of Hungary


People Of Hungary – Ice Cream Time


Bright Red Car In Hungarian Bazaar


Matthias Church at the end of a rainy road In Budapest


Panorama Halászbástya 




Budapest’s beauteous sewer covers. 


Cave Gastronomy

Somewhere in Budapest

Art Relic – Budapest